PT.Sertifikasi Raharja Indonesia is an inspection and Certification company founded in Indonesia to provide Technical Inspection and Certification services meeting the highest level of excellence to the Oil & Gas, Geothermal, Power generation and Petrochemical industry. With supported by young, experience, dynamic and highly qualified professionals graduated from the recognized Universities with a good knowledge and professional experiences in the engineering technology, inspection and quality management system, we are ready for any engineering and inspection world challenge

  • Technical Inspection Service Company in Oil and Gas Industry an independent, reliable, transparent, competitive, efficient and a reliable partner for the Directorate General of Oil and Gas Indonesia
  • Consistent and sustainable active role as a safety element to make the main needs in the activities of inspection & certification

  • PT.Sertifikasi Raharja Indonesia Comply with the Regulatory Provision of the Government.
  • PT.Sertifikasi Raharja Indonesia provides human resources with reliable and capable in the mastery of technology, and able to compete for advance
  • Applying the rules of Good Technicality, assuring Quality Inspection Services provided, and Prioritize Occupational Health and Safety Environmental Management

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A. Inspection and Certification

     PT. Sertifikasi Raharja Indonesia provides certification services with the following category:
     Independent Certification
            Product Certification
     Certification required by Government of Indonesia
     As required by Regulation of Indonesian Government, Equipments used in Oil, gas, Geothermal,            
             Petrochemical and Power Generation and all general industries in Indonesia shall be certified by 
             Government prior to operate.

    The following is Certification Category as required:

        Migas Certification (under Directorate of Oil & Gas)
        The certification covers equipments and facility operates in the Oil and Gas Industries, except for Boiler Certification
            SKPI (Facility Worthiness Certification)
            SKPP (Individual Equipment Certification)
                    Pressure Vessel, Heat Exchanger, Cooler, etc
                    Pressure Safety Valve (PSV)
                    Lifting equipment
                    Electrical equipment (Power Generator Unit, Power Transformer Unit,
                    Switchgear and Motor Control Center Unit)
                    Rotating Equipment (Pump & Compressor Unit)
                    Storage Tank